2002 FPA Winners

2002 Front Page Award Winners

Beat Reporting: Carol Eisenberg, Newsday, “Defending the Faith, Long Island’s New Bishop Known for Tough Stance.”

General Business: Joann S. Lublin, The Wall Street Journal, “Uneasy Money, Deadbeat CEO’s Plague Firms As Economy and Markets Roil.”

Criticism: Linda Winer, Newsday, “Critical Mass: There Is Drama Enough.”

Column/Editorial: Sharon Begley, The Wall Street Journal, Science Journal, “Even Thoughts Can Turn Genes ‘On’ and ‘Off.'”

Deadline Reporting: Beth Holland, Newsday, “The Crash of Flight 587, A Morning Explodes.”

Feature Writing: Mary Voboril, Newsday, “Another Kind of Climb: Kathleen Twonsend, Who Climbed Mount Rainier for Her 50th Birthday, Wants to be Governor of Maryland.”

Humor Writing: Lenore Skenazy, New York Daily News, “Gwyneth’s Booby Prize Lifts Us All.”

In-Depth Reporting: Elizabeth Amon, The National Law Journal, “The Snakehead Lawyers.”

Lifestyle Reporting: Teri Agins, The Wall Street Journal, “Bare Ankles Signal New Trend is Afoot Inside Men’s Shoes.”

Specialized Writing: Carol Eisenberg, Newsday, “A Defiant Congregation.”

New Reporter: Dina Montes, Staten Island Advance, “The Deadly Silence, Fear of Deportation and Language Barriers Prevent Many Undocumented Women from Reporting Domestic Abuse”

September 11/Newspapers

Business/Finance: Lucette Lagnado, The Wall Street Journal, “Down Town: Around Ground Zero, An Effort to Rescue Mom and Pop Shops.”

News Deadline: Heidi Singer, Staten Island Advance, “New Brighton Family Trapped in Living Hell.”

Commentary: Wendy Bounds & Kathryn Kranhold, The Wall Street Journal, “Amid the Ashes, Baby Carriages, Shoes, Family Photos.”

In Depth: Amy Waldman, The New York Times, “A Nation Challenged: The Law, Taliban’s Code, From A to Z.”

News Feature: Stephanie McCrummen, Newsday, “I Doubt That You Know Me.”


News: Nancy Siesel, The New York Times, “Salute to a Fallen Firefighter.”

Sports: Kathy Willens, Associated Press, “Broken Bat.”

Feature: Ruth Fremson, The New York Times, “Refugee Mother and Child.”

Human Interest: Susan Watts, The Daily News, “Mama’s Girl.”

Photo Essay: Susan Watts, The Daily News, “A Community Grieves.”

September 11th/Photojournalism

Single Photo: Suzanne Plunkett, Associated Press, “People Flee Tower Collapse.”

Photo Essay: Ruth Fremson, The New York Times, “Terrorist Attack.”


Business: Marie Brenner, Vanity Fair, “The Enron Wars.”

Science/Health/Medicine: Sheila Weller, Self, “Did a Vaccine Make This Woman Sick?”

News: Sheila Weller, Self, “Where Have All The Nurses Gone?”

Specialized Writing: Laura Jacobs, Vanity Fair, “The Mark of Mainbocher.”

Commentary: Anna Quindlen, Newsweek, “Armed With Only a Neutral Lipstick”; “Patent Leather, Impure Thoughts”; “Doing Nothing Is Something.”

Personal Finance: Jane Bryant Quinn, writing for Newsweek.

Feature: Sheila Weller for Glamour, “Will Violence Make Them Enemies?”

September 11th/Magazines

News: Amanda Ripley, Time, “What’s a Life Worth?”

Features: Gail Sheehy, Vanity Fair, “September Widows.”


Beat Reporting: Maite Junco, Bloomberg News, for a series of stories about New York’s immigrant communities.

Personal Finance: Kaja Whitehouse, Dow Jones News Service, “Getting Inside Dirt on Inside Trades.”

General Business: Marjorie Olster, Reuters, “Young, Educated and Jobless After U.S. Tech Bust.”

Deadline Reporting: Gunna Dickson, Reuters, “The Peep Show is Over On New York’s 42nd Street.”

Feature Writing: Denise Duclaux, Reuters, “Bagram Presses On with Dogged Demining Campaign.”

Column/Editorial: Carol Remond, Dow Jones News Service, In The Money column.

Specialized Writing: Caroline Humer, Reuters, “FBI Computer Upgrades Will Not Be An Easy Fix.”

New Reporter, Wire Services: Nichola Groom, Reuters, “Solution Elusive for Retired US Steelworkers”; US Steelmakers Blame Imports to Mask Industry Woes”; “WorldCom Underwriters May be Liable for Fund Losses.”

September 11th/Wires

News Deadline: Helen O’Neill, Associated Press, “New York Is Crying.”

News Feature: Helen O’Neill, Associated Press, “Survivors At A Midtown Firehouse Search Fro Something to be Thankful For.”

In Depth: Helen O’Neill, Associated Press, Series of stories on children and families of the WTC victims.

Business/Finance/Stock Exchanges: Siobhan Kennedy, Reuters, “Software Sales Teams Struggle in Wake of Attack.”


General Feature: Leela Jacinto, ABCnews.com, “Human Cargo.”

Criticism/Commentary/Editorial: Jane Black, Businessweek Online, “Don’t Make Privacy The Next Victim of Terror”; “How Fair is FAIR ISAAC”; “Some TIPS For John Ashcroft”

Business Feature: Diane Brady, Businessweek Online, “Team Giuliani: Back in Business.”

September 11th/Internet

News: Arlene Getz, Newsweek.com, “Swimming Through Black Smoke.”

Feature: Jane Black, Businessweek Online, “Fear – It’s Your New Best Friend.”

The Peggy Awards for Broadcasting

Television General Business: Susie Gharib, Nightly Business Report, “Can CEOs Restore Confidence.”

Television Documentary: Stacey Reiss, Dateline NBC, “Vision Quest.”

Television Spot News: Polly Kreisman & Christina Summers, WPIX-TV, “Man Bites Dog.”

Television Magazine: Cynthia McFadden & Jude Dratt, PrimeTime Thursday, “Stacy’s Story.”

Radio Commentary: Sara Fishko, WNYC, “Cultural Glue”

Radio Regular Features: Sara Fishko, WNYC, “The House I Live In.”

September 11th/ Peggy Awards

Television Magazine: Alice S. Rhee, MSNBC, “Have You Seen Melissa.”

Television Feature: Susan Adams Brock and Edie Magnus, Dateline NBC, “Active Duty: Canine Cop.”

Television Breaking News: Barbara Nevins Taylor, UPN Channel 9, “September 11 Live and Live Aftermath.”

Television Documentary: Sharon Hoffman and Jane Pauley, Dateline NBC, “No Greater Love.”

Radio Breaking News: Alison Keyes, WCBS Newsradio 88.

Radio Feature: Marianne McCune & Patricia Willens, WNYC, New York Public Radio, “Memories.”