2003 FPA Winners

2003 Front Page Award Winners

Beat Reporting: Karla Schuster, Newsday, “Roosevelt Schools: Students, Preparing For Exams Just Part of Ordeal.”

General Business: Susan Pulliam and Deborah Solomon, Wall Street Journal, “Uncooking The Books, Fraud at WorldCom.”

Criticism: Ariella Budick, Newsday, “Leo the Lionized, Renaissance Man.”

Column/Editorial: Irene Virag, Newsday, “Natural World: Hot, Smelly Skunk Cabbage Herald The New Season.”

Deadline Reporting: Rita Ciolli, Newsday, “Sins Of The Fathers, Priest Scandal.”

Feature Writing: Andrea Gurwitt, Herald News, “Caught In The Middle; Mother Makes Too Much For Assistance, But Not Enough To Live On.”

Humor Writing: Kathleen O’Brien, The Star Ledger, “How To Let Go? The Truth Slowly Dawns.”

In-Depth Reporting: Lucette Lagnado, Wall Street Journal, “America’s Health Care System: A Young Woman, An Appendectomy, And A $19,000 Debt” (a three-part healthcare series).

Lifestyle Reporting: Erica Marcus, Newsday, “Food Without The Fuss: TV Dinners.”

Specialized Writing: Amy Ellis Nutt, The Star Ledger, “The Seekers: Will the Universe Disappear?”

New Reporter: Franziska Castillo, The Journal News, “Deadly Fire Reveals Dangers On Nodine Hill.”

Sports: Janet Paskin, The Journal News, “Teen Kicks Myth With Tae Kwon Do.”


News: Ruby Washington, New York Times, “Colin, You Made A Good Speech.”

Sports: Kathy Kmonicek, Newsday, “Cliff Floyd’s Painful Day.”

Feature: Suzanne Plunkett, Associated Press, “Parks 90th.”

Human Interest: Mayita Mendez, Newsday, “Rose of Remembrance.”

Photo Essay: Suzanne Plunkett, Associated Press, “Afghanistan Women’s Prison Tales.”


Business: Suzanna Andrews, Vanity Fair, “Shattered Dynasty: The Pritzker Family.”

Science/Health/Medicine: Karen Houppert, Self, “Race and Breast Cancer: The Survival Gap.”

News: Marie Brenner, Vanity Fair, “France’s Scarlet Letter.”

Criticism: Joan Acocella, The New Yorker, “Mother’s Helpers;” “On The Contrary;” “Food Processor:” Book Reviews.

Lifestyle: Jessica Seigel, Lifetime Magazine, “Bent Out of Shape.”

Entertainment: Laura Jacobs, Vanity Fair, “Taking It All Off: Gypsy Rose Lee.”


Beat Reporting: Sandy McClure-Bensinger, Gannett, “Were Rules Bent For Parolee.”

Personal Finance: Martha Graybow, Reuters, “U.S. Soldiers Tackle Finances Before War Duty.”

General Business: Helen Stock, Bloomberg News, “AIG, Victim’s Attorneys Sift Through Nightclub Ashes.”

Deadline Reporting: Caroline Humer, Reuters, “New York Dogs Try Yoga for Stress Relief.”

Feature Writing: Helen O’Neill, Associated Press, “A Father’s Farewell.”

Column/Editorial: Gunna Dickson, Reuters, “Traveling With, Or Without, Your Best Friend.”

Specialized Writing: Victoria Thieberger, Reuters, “Economists Walk on the Wild Side Of Human Behavior.”

Science/Medicine: Johanna Bennett, Dow Jones, “Take 2 Aspirin and Email Me In The Morning.”

New Reporter, Wire Services: Hollister Hovey, Dow Jones, “Scios Expected To Keep On Pumping: Cancer Drugs.”


Feature: Leela Jacinto, ABCNews.com, “Taking on the Tradition: One Kenyan Girl Confronts A Cruel World About Her Circumcision.”

Criticism: Jane Black, BusinessWeek.com, “The System That Doesn’t Safeguard Travel: Airline Safety.”

Business Feature: Jane Black, BusinessWeek.com, “Behind the High Speed Slowdown: Tech Or Content Problem.”

News: Jennifer Barrett, Arlene Getz, Suzanne Smalley, Newsweek.com, “They Never Did Come Back.”

The Peggy Awards for Broadcasting

Television General Business: Jan Hopkins, CNN, “Vanishing Retirement.”

Television Commentary: Roma Torre, NY1 News, “Big River: Broadway Review.”

Television Feature: Lisa Fenn, ESPN, “High School Basketball Star Chris Paul.”

Television Magazine: Katie Couric and Sophia Faskianos, NBC News, “The Central Park Jogger.”

Radio Commentary: Tara Anderson, WFUV, “Ballads of September 11.”

Radio Features: Emily Botein, WNYC Radio, “If They Had A Pill, I’d Be There In A Second: Stuttering.”

Radio General Business: Amy Eddings and Andrea Bernstein, WNYC Radio, “Handshake Hotels.”

Radio News: Allison Keyes, National Public Radio, “No Knock Warrants.”