2004 FPA Winners

2004 Front Page Award Winners

Beat Reporting: Vanessa O’Connell, Wall Street Journal, “Bans on Smoking in Prison Shrink a Coveted Market”; “New Leaf: Why Philip Morris Decided to Make Friends With FDA”; “Burning Question: U.S. Suit Alleges Philip Morris Hid Cigarette Fire Risk.”

Business Reporting: Catherine Curan and Ylonda Gault Caviness, Crain’s New York Business, “Hip Hop Power Trio Drives New Beat for New York: From Bronx Turntables To Midtown Board Rooms.”

Columns: Irene Virag, Newsday, “A Nature Journal”; “Great Adaptations — Intriguing Carnivorous Plants and Colorful Orchids”; “Why They Interrupt Us”; “Stepmothers’ Day in Loving Bloom.”

Deadline Reporting: Lydia Polgreen, New York Times, “Chaos Becomes A Way Of Life In A Rebel-Held Haitian City.”

Feature Writing: Kathleen Carroll, Herald News, “After Years Mining Riches in Jersey, Many Realize They Are Southerners At Heart.”

Humor Writing: Kathleen O’Brien, (Newark) Star Ledger, “Forget Viagra, Try Cleaning the Bathroom.”

In-Depth Reporting: Amy Ellis Nutt, (Newark) Star-Ledger, “From Savior to Assassin: How Killer Germs Have Defeated Our Last Antibiotic”; “In Soil, Water, Food, Air”; “Germs That Fight Germs” (a three-part series).

Lifestyle Reporting: Tara Parker-Pope, Wall Street Journal, “How To Give Your Child A Longer Life: The Health Decisions Parents Make Now Could Determine Whether Their Kids Live to 50, 80, or Beyond.”

Specialized Writing: Geeta Anand, Wall Street Journal, “Clinical Trials: For His Sick Kids, A Father Struggled to Develop A Cure For A Rare Genetic Disease.”

New Reporter: Leila Abboud, Wall Street Journal, “Factory Shift: New Prescription for Drug Makers”; “Update the Plants — After Years of Neglect, Industry Focuses on Manufacturing”; “Family Doctors: Should Family Doctors Treat Serious Mental Illness?”


Business: Mari McQueen, Consumer Reports, “Stop Thieves From Stealing You.”

Medicine/Science/Health & Fitness: Claudia Kalb, Newsweek, “Brave New Babies.”

News: Sheila Weller, Glamour, “Two Women, Joined By Murder.”

Criticism/Commentary: Anna Quindlen, Newsweek, “We Are Here for Andrea”; “Not A Womb in the House”; “Flown Away, Left Behind.”

Lifestyle: Cathline Schine, The New Yorker, “Dog Trouble.”

Entertainment: Rebecca Mead, The New Yorker, “The Almost It Girl.”

Sports: Kelli Anderson, Sports Illustrated, “The Kid Is All Right.”


Deadline Reporting: Ellen Wulfhorst, Reuters America, “Blackout Rattles New Yorkers, But City Is Calm.”

Beat Reporting: Lisa Singhania, Associated Press, “Critics Question Independence of Mutual Fund Boards”; “Pressure Increases on Independent Directors Amid Corporate Governance Scrutiny”; “Publicity Conscious Companies Seek to Resolve Shareholder Differences Before Annual Meetings.”

Business Reporting: Kathy Chu, Dow Jones Newswires, “Employees Signing Away Right to Sue.”

Feature Writing: Chelsea J. Carter, Associated Press, “The Final Week” (a three-part series).

Specialized Writing: Victoria Thieberger, Reuters America, “U.S. Jobless Rate Misses Hidden Unemployed.”

New Reporter: Anupama Chandrasekaran, Reuters, “Resume Fraud Gets Slicker and Easier”; “China-Made Coffins Pose Threat to U.S. Casket Makers”; “U.S. Publishers Seek Scapegoats for Circulation Woes.”


News: Jennifer Barrett, Newsweek.com, “All Eyes on Ohio.”

Features: Marion Lignana Rosenberg, USItalia.info, “Revisioning Callas.”


News: Debbie Egan-Chin, New York Daily News, “Sad Farewell.”

Features: Nicole Bengiveno, New York Times, “Flower Flurry.”

Human Interest: Debbie Egan-Chin, New York Daily News, “Multi-Tusking.”

Big Apple: Kathy Willens, Associated Press, “Second Anniversary.”

The Peggy Awards for Broadcasting

Television, Documentary: Bonnie Strauss, MSNBC, “No Place Like Home.”

Television, Features: Elizabeth Vargas, ABC, “Against the Odds.”

Television, Magazines: Meredith Vieira, Jessica Stedman Guff and Sheila Sitomer, ABC News, “Fat Like Me: How to Win the Weight War.”

Radio, News: Allison Keyes, National Public Radio, “African Burial Ground.”

Radio, Features: Judith Kampfner, WNYC Radio, “Korean Sharing House.”