2005 FPA Winners

2005 Front Page Award Winners

Beat Reporting: Ellen E. Schultz, The Wall Street Journal, “Benefits Limbo: When Pensions Change Hands, Retirees Can Be Lost in Shuffle.”

Business Reporting: Diana B. Henriques, The New York Times, “Captive Clientele: Basic Training Doesn’t Guard Against Insurance Pitched to G.I.’s.”

Columns: Linda Stasi, The New York Post, “Royal Pain — Star’s Never-Ending Wedding.”

Deadline Reporting: Tina Susman, Newsday, “Report From Sri Lanka.”

Feature Writing: Andrea Elliott, The New York Times, “Legacy of Loss: The Children of September 11; Growing Up Grieving with Constant Reminders of 9/11.”

In-Depth Reporting: Juliet Macur, The New York Times “In Two Arenas: Athletes and Warriors; Two Women Bound by Sports, War, and Injuries”

Lifestyle Reporting: Irene Virag, Newsday, “The Vacuum Swept Me Off My Feet.”

Specialized Writing: Janny Scott, The New York Times, “Life at the Top in America Isn’t Just Better, It’s Longer.”

New Reporter: Meghan Clyne, The New York Sun, “New U.N. Tower Could Sit Atop Another Target.”


Business: Suzanna Andrews, Vanity Fair, “Hostage to Fortune.”

Medicine/Science/Health & Fitness: Lynn Harris, Glamour, “Could You Get Hooked on These Pills?”

News: Sharon Lerner, The Nation, “Post-Roe Postcard: Is Ole Miss Our Future?”

Criticism/Commentary: Daphne Merkin, Elle, “He Said, She Said.”

Lifestyle: Bliss Broyard, Elle, “How I Learned to Love My Mother.”

Entertainment: Larissa MacFarquhar, The New Yorker, “Passion Plays.”

Sports: Ellen Labreque, Sports Illustrated for Kids, “Steroids Messed Up My Life.”


News: Angela Gaul, The Journal News, “Elmsford Soldier Buried at Arlington.”

Features: Jan Somma-Hammel, Staten Island Advance, “Closing Salon.”

Human Interest: Debbie Egan-Chin, New York Daily News, “Crash Clash.”


Deadline Reporting: Agnes T. Crane, Dow Jones Newswires,”Global Yield: U.S. Rejoins Ranks of Longer-Rated Debt Fans.”

Beat Reporting: Liz Willen, Bloomberg News, “Bush’s No Child Left Behind Education Plan Gets Failing Grades,” “Harvard Rhodes Scholar Factory Spurs Envy, Imitation,” “Summer’s Harvard Gaffes Obscure Bid to Recruit Poor Students.”

Business Reporting: Ellen Simon, Associated Press, “Colgate Perks.”

Feature Writing: Chelsea J. Carter, Associated Press, “Left At Sea.”

Specialized Writing: Colleen DeBaise, Dow Jones Newswires, “Getting Personal: How to Build a Drinkable Portfolio.”

Columns: Rachel Beck, Associated Press,”All Business: Some Irony in Pension Fund Investments,” “All Business: Questions Loom Over Merck’s Severance Plan,” “All Business: Cablevision’s Governance Under Scrutiny.”


Deadline: Krysten Crawford, cnn/money.com, “Ebbers Gets 25 Years.”

In-Depth: Harriet Ryan, courttv.com, “Murder in Room 103.”

Commentary: Meghan O’Rourke, slate.msn.com, “Summer’s School,” “The Instruction Manual,” “The Kite Runner.”

Interactive: Vera Haller, Connie Mango, Barbara Teleha, nynewsday.com, “On the A Train.”

The Peggy Awards for Broadcasting

Television, Documentary: Linda Schmidt and Deborah Fountain, WNYW-Fox 5 News, “Vaccines and Autism.”

Television, Magazines: Brenda Breslauer and Michele Mitchell, PBS, “Reaching Out to Women.”

Television, Business: Paula Zahn, Jane Caplan, Stephanie Siegel, Kari Pricher, Sophie Sohn, Emily Holland, and Laura Weinberg, CNN, “Stolen Identity.”

Television, Features: Alex Quade and Paula Zahn, CNN, “Wounded Warriors.”

Radio, News: Jen Guerra, WFUV, “Let’s Get Digital.”

Radio, Features: Claudia Marshall, WFUV, “A Woody Guthrie Hanukha.”