2006 FPA Winners

2006 Front Page Award Winners

Beat Reporting: Melanie Lefkowitz, Newsday, “The Housing Squeeze.”

Business Reporting: Julie Moran Alterio, The Journal News, “Protecting Kids from Online Porn.”

Columns: Amy Ellis Nutt, The Star Ledger, “After Breast Cancer, Awash with Life.”

Deadline Reporting: Jennifer Steinhauer, The New York Times, “Rebuilding New Orleans.”

Feature Writing: Tricia Romano, Village Voice, “The Sober Bunch. Life’s a Party for New York Nightlife’s Sober Hipsters.”

In-Depth Reporting: Tina Susman, Newsday, “Darfur—Inside the Crisis.”

New Reporter: Jennifer Medina, The New York Times, “Storm and Crisis.”

Specialized Writing: Ridgely Ochs, Newsday, “One 9/11 Hero’s Tale of Tragedy.”

Sports: Ellen E. Schultz, The Wall Street Journal, “A Hobbled Star Battles the NFL.”


Business: Jennifer Reingold, Fast Company, “The Fall and Rise of David Pottruck.”

Criticism/Commentary: Erin Zammett Ruddy, Glamour, “Life with Cancer.”

Entertainment: Amy Larocca, New York Magazine, “Lost and Found.”

Lifestyles: Laurie Abraham, Elle, “Who’s the Fairest Wife of All?”

News: Susan Dominus, Glamour, “The War’s Deadliest Day for U.S. Women.”

Science, Medicine, Health: Sara Lyle, Jane, “I Hate Tumors.”

Arts and Architecture: Cynthia Zarin, The New Yorker, “Not Nice.”


Feature: Claudia Marshall, WFUV. “Words That Make Us Squirm.”


Beat Reporting: Riva Richmond, Dow Jones, “Internet Company Series.”

Business Reporting: Lisa Kassenaar, Bloomberg News, “House of Morgan Becomes a Home as Families Move to Wall Street.”

Columns: Caroline A. Baum, Bloomberg News, “Senate Stages Show Trial for Big Oil Executives.”

Deadline: Joan Gralla, Reuters, “UPDATE 7: NY Building Collapses After Apparent Suicide Bid.”

Features: Deepti Hajela, Associated Press, “Technology, Global Economy Alter the Reality of Migration, National Identity.”

Specialized Writing: Victoria Knight, Dow Jones, “Financial Advisers Face Testing Times.”

New Reporter: Emily Chasan, Reuters


Blog: Denise Flaim, newsday.com, “Animal House.”

News: Parija Bhatnagar, cnnmoney.com, “The Race for Holiday Bargains Is On.”

Commentary: Susanna Schrobsdorff, www.newsweek.com, “Summer of Dove.”

In Depth: Sarah Elizabeth Richards, www.salon.com, “Singles Going Steady.”

Interactive: Lauren Johnston, www.amny.com, “New York City Water Tunnel No. 3.”


Essay: Angela Gaul, The Journal News, “West Point Graduation.”

Sports: Julie Jacobson, Associated Press, “Air Ball.”

Features: Maxine Hicks, The New York Times, “American Idol’s Homecoming.”

Human Interest: Debbie Egan-Chin, New York Daily News, “Remember Leader.”

News: Ruby Washington, The New York Times, “Tears for Nixmary Brown.”


News: Elise Warner, MSNBC, “Wasteland: The Innocent Victims of Meth.”

Business: Karin Annus, Ramona Duoba, Carol Massar, Bloomberg News, “The Ethanol Fix: Breaking America’s Addiction to Oil.”

Investigative: Barbara Nevins Taylor, Noreen Coles, Elaine Higgins, Kathleen Coles, WWORTV-My Nine News, “HUD House Flipping.”

Features: Elizabeth Hashagen, News 12 Long Island, “Achieve the Impossible.”

Magazines: Sara Lee Kessler, NJN Public Television, “Lead Alert: Playing with Poison.”