2009 FPA Winners

2009 Front Page Award Winners

Lifetime Achievement: Helen Thomas, White House correspondent and columnist, Hearst.


Beat Reporting: Kathy Chu, USA TODAY, “The Credit Trap.”

Commentary: Irene Virag, Newsday, “Her Touch is Alive in Brooklyn;” A Window Seat for Slimes of Passion;” and “Studiously Painted with Plants.”

Culture: Kelly Crow, The Wall Street Journal “From the Art World to the Underworld.”

Features: Amy Ellis Nutt, The Star-Ledger “The Accidental Artist.”

In-Depth: Kate Kelly, The Wall Street Journal “The Fall of Bear Stearns,” a 3-part series.


Arts/Culture/Lifestyle: Tula Karras, Self Magazine “The Disorder Next Door.”

Business: Anne Kadet, Smart Money Magazine “Price Profiling.”

Features: Jennifer Gonnerman, New York Magazine “Blood on the Tracks.”

Health: Mary Carmichael, Newsweek “Growing Up Bipolar—Welcome to Max’s World.”

News: Melinda Liu, Newsweek “The Next Saffron Revolution.”

Profiles: Larissa MacFarquhar, The New Yorker “Chef on the Edge.”

Science/Environment: Mara Der Hovanesian, BusinessWeek “I Have One Word for You: Bioplastics.”

Specialized Reporting: Barbara Mantel, CQ Press (a division of Sage Publishing) “Public Defenders: Do Indigent Defendants Get Adequate Legal Representation?”

Reporter of the Year: Christiane Amanpour, Chief international correspondent, CNN.


Business: Carol S. Remond, Dow Jones News Service “When the SEC Follows Your Leads.”

Features: Sinead Carew, Reuters “Mobile Phone Inventor Dreams of Human Embeds.”

In-Depth: Claudia Parsons, Reuters “Mental Health in the Military,” a 3-part series.

Lifestyles: Janet Frankston Lorin, Bloomberg News “Rejected Wall Street Kids Enrich City Public Schools.”


Best Blog: Lee Rosenbaum, CultureGrrl, “Stealth Deaccessions by the National Academy.”

Best Multimedia News Package: Jessica Bennett and Jennifer Molina, Newsweek.com, “Invisible and Overlooked.”

Best News/Commentary: Rebecca Traister, Salon,”McCain Gets Mean..”


News: Susan Watts, New York Daily News “Sea of Sorrow.”

Photo Essay: Ariana Cubillos, Associated Press “Mud Cookies.”


Features: Mona Iskander and Brenda Breslauer, NOW on PBS, “Education City.”

News: Barbara Nevins Taylor, My9News –– WWOR TV, “Subway Fall.”


Best Radio Entry: Petra Bartosiewicz and Sarah Koenig, This American Life, WBEZ Chicago “The Prosecutor.”