2010 FPA Winners

2010 Front Page Award Winners

Lifetime Achievement Award:  Edith Lederer, Associated Press.


In-Depth Reporting: Betsy Pisik, (published in) Washington Times, “Lost Story of the Lost Continent: How Rape Is Used as a Tool of War in Congo.”

Beat Reporting: Amy Chozick, Wall Street Journal, Reporting on Television.

Features: Denise Bonilla, Newsday, “Alzheimer’s: The Love and the Heartbreak.”


News: Meryl Gordon, Vanity Fair, Coverage of the Astor Verdict.

In-Depth: Nina Munk, Vanity Fair, “Rich Harvard, Poor Harvard.”

Features: Abigail Pesta, Marie Claire, “An American Tragedy.”

Essay: Amanda Bennett, Bloomberg Businessweek, “The End of Life: Lessons from a $618,616 Death.”


Cultural Criticism: Amy Fine Collins, Vanity Fair, “Toujours Couture.”

Political Commentary: Merle Hoffman, On The Issues, “Selecting the Same Sex.”

Business/Financial Commentary: Lisa Anderson, Columbia Journalism Review, “Can Local Television Afford Investigations.”


Spot News: Debbie Egan-Chin, New York Daily News, “She Was My Heart.”

Essay: Julia Xanthos, New York Daily News, “Nisa’s Golden Gloves.”

Reporter of the Year: Gretchen Morgenson, New York Times.


Spot News: Michelle Nichols, Reuters, G20 demonstrations in Pittsburgh.

In-Depth Reporting: Manuela Badawy, Reuters, “Special Report: Planes, Trains, and Fro­ntier Markets.”

Feature: Christine Kearney, Reuters, “Burmese Monks Who Fled to U.S. a Vanishing Breed.”

Beat Reporting: Oshrat Carmiel and Sharon Lynch, Bloomberg News, Coverage of New York City’s Stuyvesant Town.


In-Depth: Barbara Mantel, CQ Global Researcher, “Terrorism and the Internet”

Multimedia:Jessica Bennett, Monica Parra, Cara Phillips, Susanna Schrobsdorff, Raina Kelley, Newsweek, “The Beauty Advantage.”


In-Depth Reporting: Kim Balin, Sianne Garlick, Laura Minnear, Dan Rather Reports, HDNet, “Pornland, Oregon.”

Feature: Jenny Nordberg, Laura Minnear, Dan Rather Reports, HDNet, “Price of an Afghan Bride.”

Documentary: Kyoko Gasha: Reuters, “Mothers’ Way, Daughters’ Choice.”


In-Depth: Carole Zimmer, Bloomberg News, “Shut Out: Jobs on Lockdown.”

New Reporter

Alexis Leondis, Bloomberg News