McCormick Scholarship 2012-2013 Application

Anne O’Hare McCormick Memorial Fund, Inc. Scholarships
The Newswomen’s Club of New York
McCormick Scholarship Application 2013-2014

Online Application Deadline: May 22, 2013 – 11:59 p.m.

Send applications to:

*We dedicate this year’s contest in memory of Judith Crist (May 22, 1922 – Aug. 7, 2012), influential film critic, Columbia Journalism School professor for over 50 years and McCormick trustee for almost 40 years.


Women who are U.S. citizens admitted to Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism for the 2013-2014 school year. Applicants must show evidence of talent and financial need.

Applicant’s Package Must Include:

1. Resume: Education and relevant experience in journalism or other work, with employment dates. (Include on-campus journalism jobs, internships, freelance gigs and full-time jobs.)

2. Financial statement (see last section of application): In the “expenses” category, include tuition plus estimates for living expenses and other costs (school supplies, cellphone and Internet service, transportation) during the academic year. In the “assets” category, include savings, other scholarships and any other financial resources in hand to support your graduate work. On final line, state Amount Needed (difference between expenses and assets).

3. Two letters of recommendation that focus on your qualifications to pursue a journalism career. **Email with your application as attachments or email separately to:

** If emailed separately, subject line should read:

Re: Applicant’s name – Recommendation for McCormick Scholarship

4. Personal essay: Use your best writing to tell us who you are, why you want a journalism career and what you hope to achieve. Was there a defining moment that set you on this path? Please mention family, educational background and experience. Maximum: 1,000 words.

5. Two examples of your best published or broadcast work.

**For newspaper, magazine, digital and photography students, include: links to online published/archived work and an attachment with copies of published work, with your byline or credit line, date and place published and story. (Attachment can be a PDF or a Microsoft Word attachment.)

**For broadcast students, include links to public or private YouTube channels or Vimeo so your work can be easily reviewed.

Please note: If you have scripts for your TV or radio work, include them as an attachment (PDF or Microsoft Word) and mark clearly. For example:

Script for TV Feature: Protest in Times Square, March 1, 2013

Please Type or Print Clearly:

Name: _____________________________________

Date of Birth: _______________________________

Citizenship: ________________________________

Permanent Address: _______________________________________________

City _________________ State ______________ Zip Code _______

Email Address: ______________________________________

Cellphone Number: _______________________________________

Temporary Address: __________________________________


I will be at this address until ____________________________

Alternate Phone: ______________________________________

College Attended, Undergraduate Degree, Date of Graduation


Graduate School Attended, Advanced Degree, Date of Graduation


I will attend the Columbia University School of Journalism, beginning___________, and expect to graduate

in________________(year) with degree(s) in ________________.*

Please state M.S. or M.A. and concentration, such as newspaper or digital media.

TOTAL EXPENSES: _____________

*Tuition and Fees__________ Living Expenses (Rent, food, utilities)_____________

*Other Expenses (school supplies, cellphone, Internet service, transportation)___________________

TOTAL ASSETS (available for graduate school): ___________________

Savings Available for Graduate School:____________________________

Family Financial Help: _______________________

Other Scholarships (for example, Columbia Journalism School, $5,000):_________________

______________________ Job:_________________

TOTAL AMOUNT NEEDED (difference between expenses and assets):_____________________