The Newswomen's Club of New York...

Serves as a platform for mentorship and networking in with the best in the business through regular social  events including No Agenda Tuesdays, our popular monthly gatherings.

Runs masterclasses, workshops, and other training programs for members designed to enhance their marketable skills. 

Funds The Anne O'Hare McCormick Memorial Scholarship, which supports annually three promising students enrolled in  Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism (see below for more information). 

Conducts an annual photography auction featuring work by award-winning photojournalists to support the Club's operations. 

Hosts The Front Page Awards, established in 1937 to recognize journalistic excellence. They continue to beamong the most prestigious awards in American journalism. Learn more.

Invite authors, filmmakers, and prominent journalists to discuss their work and processes with members. 




The Newswomen's Club of New York is governed and run by a Board of Directors. The Front Page Awards and Photography Auction, or two major annual events, are run by standing committees comprised of the Board of Directors and additional volunteers. All members are welcome and encouraged to serve on one or both committees, as long as they have time to commit to the cause.

Learn more about us through this short video in which Newswomen's Club members salut their President, Toni Reinhold, for her leadership and tireless dedication to the club.It was filmed at the 2010 holiday party, which took place at The Down Town Association of New York. 



The Anne O’Hare McCormick Memorial Fund

Anne O'Hare McCormick

Anne O'Hare McCormick

The Anne O’Hare McCormick Memorial Fund, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt foundation, set up by Newswomen’s Club members Emma Bugbee, Martha Coman, Loretta King, Mary Margaret McBride and Kathleen McLaughlin to honor Anne O’Hare McCormick after her death in 1954. The purpose of the fund is to give scholarships to outstanding women students at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

Anne O’Hare McCormick gained prominence while reporting for The New York Times from Europe in the 1930s. She chronicled Adolf Hitler’s rise to power and interviewed many of the power brokers and leaders of that era. In 1937, she became the first woman to win a Pulitzer Prize for foreign correspondence. She served as a vice president of the Newswomen’s Club for several years, and she was the first woman to serve on The New York Times editorial board.

Through a gift from former Newswomen’s Club President Rosalind Massow, The McCormick Fund established the Joan O'Sullivan scholarship in 2008. O’Sullivan was a columnist and editor for King Features Syndicate who presided over the Newswomen's Club of New York and The McCormick Fund for many years.  

The McCormick Fund has given more than $300,000 in scholarships. It is generously supported by The Newswomen’s Club of New York,  Thomson Reuters, and for many years, the New York Times Company Foundation, as well as by individual donors.


The McCormick Fund Board of Trustees

President: Jan Paschal, Women's eNews
Secretary: Frances McMorris, formerly of The Wall Street Journal and past president, Newswomen's Club of New York
Treasurer: Kelly Crow, The Wall Street Journal
Trustee/ Scholarship Chair:Carolyn Purcell, FIOS1 News Local Channels, FIOS TV Content Strategy & Acquisitions
Trustee: Betsy Wade, formerly of The New York Times (retired)
Trustee: Rita Henley Jensen, Women's eNews
Trustee: Susan Chira, The New York Times