Inaugural Meeting Minutes

On March 8, 1922, some of the most famous newswomen in the world met to form a the New York Newspaper Women's Club. They appointed a board, and Emma Bugbee, who was named secretary, took these minutes:

“The first meeting of newspaperwomen was held at the Hotel Vanderbilt on Wednesday evening, March 8. 24 were present. It was noted to organize as The New York Newspaperwomen’s Club.”

“Miss Martha Coman was appointed temporary president, Miss Theodora Beau, treasurer, and Miss Emma Bugbee, secretary. The president was authorized to appoint a committee of five to attend to the details of organization.”

“It was agreed that membership should be limited to women who make newspaper work their profession. Active members to be those regularly employed, on salary or guarantee, on the editorial staff of the New York newspapers. Twenty-five dollars was named as the amount of the annual dues.”  Emma Bugbee, Temporary Secretary

Emma Bugbee

Emma Bugbee